Feature Requests

Most new features will end up in the premium version of TV4ever.

Record all episodes ✓

Record all episodes of a podcast series with one click. Later we might also be able to record all episodes of a tv series in one click (tv sites list episodes in a vareity of different ways, it's harder to master than podcasts).

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Dash (BBC iPlayer) support

BBC iPlayer (and a host of other sites) transmit videoes using mpeg-dash. We have not yet sussed out how to record this format. It looks as if great effort is needed.

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Multiday timer recordings - recall after shutdown ✓

As of writing this you can at most set the timer 24 hours into the future. Shutting down your laptop or TV4ever will make TV4ever forget the timers set.

Multiday timer recordings - recall after shutdown would rectify this.

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Faster recordings (parallel) ✓

If you're on a wired network (or a blazingly fast wifi network) with a fairly strong laptop we might be able to speed up recording... With a factor 8.

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