Recording HOWTO

TV4ever for Chrome is Dead

Google has killed off all Chrome Web Apps. Tv4ever 1.x for Chrome was a web app. It will never work again.

Long live TV4ever 2.x for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Currently in rather closed, danish beta at Klik her for at støtte og teste TV4ever 2.x!


(for installation and launching see Install TV4ever)

IN TV4ever:

1. Click on the Bookmarks tab

2. Click on a link to a tv station.

Browse. Find a programme you'd like to record.

Play a bit of the video and press the big Record show button in the upper left.

You'll now be able to record the programme to a folder on your disk.

TV4ever will do as you wish.

The righthand side of TV4ever is a browser.

You can paste an url into the address field and press enter.

Press the heart icon to bookmark a page.

Press the mail icon to send feedback to TV4ever HQ.

Now you might need to learn how to playback your recordings.