Recording HOWTO

(for installation and launching see Install TV4ever)

IN TV4ever:

1. Click on the Bookmarks tab

2. Click on a link to a tv station.

Browse. Find a programme you'd like to record.

Play a bit of the video and press the big Record show button in the upper left.

You'll now be able to record the programme to a folder on your disk.

TV4ever will do as you wish.

The righthand side of TV4ever is a browser.

You can paste an url into the address field and press enter.

Press the heart icon to bookmark a page.

Press the mail icon to send feedback to TV4ever HQ.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • ctrl+s: record
  • ctrl+u: fetch sUbtitles
  • ctrl+f: Find on the page
  • F3, shift+F3: Find next / previous match
  • alt+home: go to the home page
  • ctrl+home: go to the video blog
  • F5, ctrl+r: Refresh page
  • ctrl+k: view command lines
  • ctrl+l, alt+d: go to the url field
  • alt+arrowleft, alt+arrowright: back and forth in your browser history

Now you might need to learn how to playback your recordings.