Watch tv wherever you are in the world using a VPN

TV4ever for Chrome is Dead

Google has killed off all Chrome Web Apps. Tv4ever 1.x for Chrome was a web app. It will never work again.

Long live TV4ever 2.x for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Currently in rather closed, danish beta at Klik her for at støtte og teste TV4ever 2.x!


Say you're a german holidaying in Spain. Poolside you try to watch some ZDF. But alas. ZDF tells you that due to this and that you cannot watch ZDF from Spain.

What to do?

Pretend you're back in Germany using a service called a VPN, a Virtual Private Network.

You'll probably find the best VPN deals and reviews at Techradar.

And remember. If the VPN service is free - like Hola - it's probably dodgy - like Hola.