Install TV4ever

TV4ever for Chrome is Dead

Google has killed off all Chrome Web Apps. Tv4ever 1.x for Chrome was a web app. It will never work again.

Long live TV4ever 2.x for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Currently in rather closed, danish beta at Klik her for at støtte og teste TV4ever 2.x!


Point your Chrome browser to TV4ever in the Chrome Webstore.

Press the Add to Chrome-button in the upper right corner.

The TV4ever app will show up automatically on Chrome's app page.

Usually the fastest way to find the apps page is:

  • Make sure you see the bookmark toolbar (a simple CTRL+SHIFT+B should do the trick)
  • Press the Apps-button

Click on the TV4ever icon and you're up an running.

You are also able to launch TV4ever by:

  • Going to and pressing the "Lauch App"-button
  • Using your built in search in Windows or Mac to locate and start it.
  • Pressing CTRL+SHIFT+B to show the bookmark toolbar. Apps is always the first bookmark.
  • Install TV4ever Helper. That'll give you a (smart) launch button in Chrome itself.

TV4ever will usually automatically update whenever you restart your Chrome browser.

But you can force an update by pressing the 3 dots menu (in the upper right corner of Chrome) then choosing More tools - Extensions - check Developer Mode - click Update extensions now.

For the undeterred: Install TV4ever in Chromium (Edge).