Install TV4ever

Point your Chrome browser to TV4ever in the Chrome Webstore.

Press the Add to Chrome-button in the upper right corner.

The TV4ever app will show up automatically on Chrome's app page.

Usually the fastest way to find the apps page is:

  • Make sure you see the bookmark toolbar (a simple CTRL+SHIFT+B should do the trick)
  • Press the Apps-button

Click on the TV4ever icon and you're up an running.

You are also able to launch TV4ever by:

  • Going to and pressing the "Lauch App"-button
  • Using your built in search in Windows or Mac to locate and start it.
  • Pressing CTRL+SHIFT+B to show the bookmark toolbar. Apps is always the first bookmark.
  • Install TV4ever Helper. That'll give you a (smart) launch button in Chrome itself.

TV4ever will usually automatically update whenever you restart your Chrome browser.

But you can force an update by pressing the 3 dots menu (in the upper right corner of Chrome) then choosing More tools - Extensions - check Developer Mode - click Update extensions now.

For the undeterred: Install TV4ever in Chromium (Edge).