Is it legal?

TV4ever for Chrome is Dead

Google has killed off all Chrome Web Apps. Tv4ever 1.x for Chrome was a web app. It will never work again.

Long live TV4ever 2.x for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Currently in rather closed, danish beta at Klik her for at støtte og teste TV4ever 2.x!


VCRs and DVRs have been met with a bit of litigation over the years. But in most countries on earth you can record what you like for private use. That is: no redistribution of recorded content. Not even on Youtube or Facebook.

The EU is decidedly not keen on geoblocking. But in other parts of the world you'll find states that are opposed to VPN functionality. Usually dictatorships. But you should mostly worry about those if you choose to go there with some VPN software on your laptop - or if you live there.

It should be within your rights to use TV4ever in Europe. It's mostly people living in dictatorships that should check the law one more time before installing TV4ever.

That said, we've used Tv4ever to watch danish tv while on holiday in Turkey (a dictatorship with government-imposed censorship). But we promise we did not use it to listen to the satirical Erdogan  - The Musical.

Long story short: if you live in a dictatorship, check the laws carefully. If you're in Europe it's well within your rights to employ a modern day VCR.

What about recording stuff off of Youtube and Netflix?

TV4ever will not be able to record Youtube videos. Because of a legal requirement in the Google Web Store. If TV4ever was to record Youtube videoes, it would be expelled from the Google Web Store - the store you know and trust.

Netflix is a subscription video on demand service and as such not of interest to TV4ever. TV4ever is aimed at recording freely available stuff. As they say You Can Record Movies Off Netflix, Or Music Off Spotify, But You’re Not Allowed To.

TV4ever is sniffing for tv streams (video and audio) whereever it goes. We're still in the discovery phase as to which sites TV4ever works with.

Does it come as hardware?

Maybe, at some point. We've made a demo.

Origin of TV4ever

Martin and Steven wanted to record - the national broadcaster in Denmark - using the laptop instead of a DVR, DVB box or tv of some kind.

Martin wisely chose to do the software as a Chrome extension and they soon found out it could be used all over the world.

Related software

Video Downloader professional for Chrome with 4 million weekly users. Video Download helper for Firefox with 3 million users. Youtube-dl with, well, quite a few users.

There are probably more.

Take TV4ever for a spin

TV4ever does Daily Motion, Vimeo, Soundcloud, DR, ITV and thousands of others.


If TV4ever doesn't do what you'd like it to, use the built in support. If you'd like to chat to the makers contact Martin at