TV4ever running on a Raspberry Pi 3

TV4ever for Chrome is Dead

Google has killed off all Chrome Web Apps. Tv4ever 1.x for Chrome was a web app. It will never work again.

Long live TV4ever 2.x for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Currently in rather closed, danish beta at Klik her for at støtte og teste TV4ever 2.x!


TV4ever running on a Raspberry Pi 3!?

Why is this interesting?

Because your laptop keeps falling asleep when it's supposed to record something.

With a Raspberry Pi 3 you could get a 100$ always on media centre that could

  • Record tv 24/7/365
  • Playback recorded tv, music, podcasts and movies
  • Play a lot of tv and movies using the Kodi media centre (formerly known as XMBC) as an additional perk
  • You'd probably be able to set up the recordings using your laptop or phone.

Do you like the idea?

Let us know by voting on the Feature Request page. Or contact us using the feedback function in TV4ever.

We'll update this blog post with answers to the questions you have.


How much power will it consume?


Around 14 KWH per year.


How much tv will it store?


  • A huge SD-card or USB stick, 128 GB, will contain around 128 hours of 720p tv. 64 movies.
  • An external drive or NAS might hold 3000 hours of 720p tv. 20 times as much.
  • A cloud solution will probably prove too slow and expensive


Will it work with a Chromecast?


That'll require some extra work: Converting/muxing the recordings and writing the Chromecast interface. Not impossible. If enough well heeled gentlemen sponsor it, we'll do it.


Will you do a Kickstarter?


Do you think we should?